Let’s stop making laws based on feeling and agendas

Mon, Jan 14, 2013


Less-safeTomorrow Veep Joe Biden will introduce his recommendations on banning weapons they call “assault rifles”. Remember, Biden was the author of the last assault rifle ban that failed miserably.  So much that they didn’t renew it when it expired after 10 years.

Assault weapons were used in 17(.0023%) of the 7,500 gun crimes committed between 1986 and 1989 (source: Florida assault weapons commission).

Let’s stop making laws based on feeling and agendas.    Just because the rifle is painted black and doesn’t require you to load each cartridge by hand, doesn’t make it an assault rifle. It is a style, just like the color and finish of your shoes.

The president, VP, media and Hollywood want you to believe that the majority of Americans want stricter gun control.    Gallup December 24, 2012:  “gun laws: more strict, less strict, or kept as they are?”  More strict: up 13% since 2011.  40% still said less strict or kept as they are.

Gallup (immediately following Sandy Hook: “should there be a law to ban the possession of handguns? 24% said yes while 74% said no.

Gallup:  “should there be a law that would ban the possession of handguns?”  Oct 2003 32% said yes. Dec 2012 24% said yes. The number went DOWN even as Sandy Hook was still very fresh in our minds.

Public opinion is going in the opposite direction from the president and the media’s agenda.  So what do they do? Cherry pick and make things up.  Here’s an example:  December 15, 2012 liberal blog site Mother Jones published a exposé looking t all of the “mass shootings” in the last 30 years. They defined mass shootings as those that involved four or more victims.  “In not a single case was the killing stopped by a civilian using a gun.”  What they failed to mention is how many of those shootings were limited to 3 or fewer people because they were stopped by a civilian with a gun.

Take the man who shot up an Oregon mall shooting that happened in November where the murderer shot two people before he encountered a civilian with a gun.  The murderer shot himself in the head.  How many more people would have died if the civilian didn’t confront the murderer?  The media won’t allow you to speculate on that.  That story wouldn’t have counted in Mother Jones’ stats.

An international example occurred when terrorists opened up machine gun fire (with true assault weapons) on Israelis.  They most likely had expected to kill many before the police or military could respond.  Instead, armed Israelis took down all three terrorist and only one civilian was killed.  Too inconvenient to fit into the gun control narrative.

When was the highest mass killing rate in the US?  2012? 2011?

Nope. 1929.  Again, feelings over facts.  Take advantage of a good crisis.  Skew the facts and you can force your agenda through.  Take away as much as you can now and then you are one huge step closer to a gun ban, which Progressives feel make the world safer and ultimately gives them more power to rule.

Let’s stop allowing Washington and the media to make laws based on feelings.  Let’s hold them accountable to facts and remove them from office when they do anything but.

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