Trying To Correct Misinformation About Conservative Beliefs

Wed, Mar 11, 2015

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10941868_818243188211362_8219673147309217900_nThis image has made its way around the Internet from a group that calls themselves “Too Informed To Vote Republican“.  I find it mildly humorous that this post originates from a page with the words “Too Informed” in the title. Might I suggest “Too Misinformed”?  The big media outlets carry a heavy burden on this one.

I will answer this from a Conservative standpoint as I am not a Republican.  If you are “too informed” then you should understand the difference.  I tend to look at Conservatism as one of the more mature political leanings as we tend to subscribe to “grown-up” beliefs. In contrast, I look at today’s modern progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans as “just a bunch of wild, irresponsible children who will stop at nothing to have their way even though they know its wrong and will throw a tantrum if they don’t get what they want”. Sorry if that offends some. Actually, no I’m not. Grow up and put on your big girl pants.

  1. We are not opposed to gay rights. We fully support civil unions and all the legal benefits that come with a man and woman being married. We do expect that soon after gays are granted these legal rights, then they will force all religions to marry gays. Our belief is that there are plenty of churches and religions that will marry gays, so seek out those religions. Don’t change the dogma of existing religions. If you don’t like the club, don’t join it.
  2. Why not have balance in our schools and education? Since over 80% of Americans are Christian (See #3). If you want to teach evolution, then we should be able to teach Genesis.
  3. If you check your history, our country is founded in Judeo-Christian morals, beliefs and teaching. For over 150 years it was so prevalent that it was frowned upon if you DIDN’T practice a religion. Our country was founded on the belief that you cannot be forced to practice a religion and that the State would not adopt an official religion, not that the country would be religion free.  Look at our founding documents. You know, the whole “God given rights” thing.
  4. Simply put: we side with the baby. Killing it is murder. We are sorry that many of you choose to toe your political party line, but we also know that many of you know in heart that it is murder. I’ve also noticed so many hypocritical stances from the “pro-choice” group. They support choice on killing babies, but I can’t keep my doctor if I want to. They support choice on killing babies, but they recently fought (and won) a legal battle forcing a teenage girl to receive chemotherapy when she chose to go without it. Pro-choice “believers” will buy a girlfriend a baby shower gift and card, yet we can’t call that thing growning insider her a baby?  I see Hollywood liberals that support pro-choice sitting on a talk show sound stage being fawned over by Oprah asking them, “how’s the baby doing? Do you know if it will be a boy or a girl? When is your baby due”. Huh. I thought it wasn’t a baby?  Ronald Regan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”
  5. There are so many research studies and hundreds, if not thousands, of researchers that have refuted man-made climate change. The difference is that the media has taken the side of those that believe it it, ignoring all the scandals on fudged research, pay-offs, kick-backs, and more. We believe the climate is changing, we just don’t believe that Man is the leading cause nor is there anything significant that Man can do to change it. We believe, as the research shows, that it is a natural earth cycle and we don’t want to give up our freedom and economy to a few global elites. C’mon liberals! You guys hate big business, don’t you?
  6. We do not oppose equal rights for women. We just believe that women currently enjoy equal rights and don’t require any special laws to tip the scales out of balance and in their favor. Isn’t it ironic that our President and our former Secretary of State, both avid “women’s rights” advocates, currently have massive pay discrepancies on their staffs when looking at women vs. men? I guess it’s not “just a Republican thing”.
  7. We believe all major, legitimate religions should be taught I school. Heck, we teach our kids in public schools how to give good oral sex, why can’t we teach them about a man named Jesus who changed the world, a man named Abraham who changed the world, and a man named Mohammad who changed the world?
  8. We don’t hate president Obama. We just hate was he is doing and the evil influences in his live since childhood that have shaped these beliefs.

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