FAIL: Maddow Tries to Smear Glenn Beck

Wed, Jun 5, 2013

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2009 Winter TCA Tour - Day 9I guess it really doesn’t matter, since only around 14 people watch the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, but let’s look at this for sport.

It’s somewhat ironic how Glenn Beck went from the fourth most admired person in the world, ahead of Pope Benedict, in 2010, to a crazy christian conspiracy theorist in 2013.   It’s a common theme the left uses against conservatives in particular: they are all full of conspiracies.  It really stepped up since Obama was elected.

Recently Maddow tried to link Glenn Beck to some of the top conspiracy theories that the left uses to paint all conservatives with a broad brush.  The problem is that the facts just always seem to get in the way.  She included a faked moon landing, 9/11 being a government inside job, the Boston Marathon bombings being driven by the government with support from Michelle Obama, and Sandy Hook being a government hoax. She even threw in FEMA camps for good measure.

The problem is that Glenn has NEVER supported these, he regularly considers those that support these theories a buffoons, and he’s even dedicated entire shows to debunking each of them.  I should know.  I’ve personally listened or watch each show that covered these topics, several of which were covered several times over several years.

But that doesn’t fit the left wing media narrative.

Watch Glenn and the guys prove her completely wrong. Will she issue an apology for the record?  Nope. Once its out there, you let it get legs. The the left wing lemmings just believe it.

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