Dana Loesch Takes Democrats To Task Over IRS Scandal

Sat, Jun 8, 2013

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This is an excellent opinion laced with facts on the hypocrisy of the IRS scandal against conservatives.  Dana  Loesch argued the administration is using its federal authority to put a “boot on the neck” of its political opponents.

Loesch painted an incriminating picture, comparing the treatment she received when she tried to organize a rally to that of the Occupy movement, which has a clear history of violence and general nastiness.

“We had to jump through elevendy-thousand hoops or else the city would shut down our demonstrations they promised,” she said. “Yet we dutifully followed the law, because that’s what we do…because we’ve grown to fear the very people we employ, whose salaries we pay.”

“I am tired of following the law when those who in charge of enforcing said law have less respect for it than I do,” she added.

In contrast, she went on to note that organizers with the Occupy movement were offered a free permit during one of their demonstrations.

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