FLASHBACK: 1970’s Earth Day Celebration Warned of Global Cooling

Tue, Apr 22, 2014

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thebigfreezeIn celebration of Earth Day 2014, we thought we would provide you with many resources from 40 years ago when experts declared that the science was settled on global cooling.  Consider all of these sources, articles and volumes of research that predicted that the earth would cool due to pollution.  Of course, when common sense is applied to science without an agenda, we can easily reach the conclusion that new theories arise when we continue to conduct research.  That is the reason why we shouldn’t effect massive global and economic change based on science that conveniently ignores over a decade of research only because it conflicts with a progressive agenda.

On Earth Day 2014, we call on the world to find a common sense middle ground between the two extremes and strip the agenda from the discussion.

See the research and articles here.

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