MSNBC Host Announces The Need For Socialist Radio

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

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Now they don’t even cover it up. They just say it loud for all to hear!

In an unusually candid rant, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz tells radio listeners he believes the next “socialist” takeover by the government should be on all the radio airwaves.

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  1. crapulence Says:

    What a moron. Does he really think the fairness doctrine can “equal out the audience”? Air America had a huge amount of backing by non commercially interested supporters yet it still tanked. Ed would probably have a government supported station for the democrats to try and indoctrinate the masses. Maybe they should just make better use of PBS.

    On a side note he sounds like Vizzini from “The Princess Bride”. I was waiting for him to start ranting about the intricacies of iocane powder.

  2. Jason Roberts Says:

    I will take your word on the Princess Bride reference. We’ve not had the chance to see that one!

    Does her really think it will equal the audience? No, but socialism is the best way to ratchet back one side that is successful and boost another side that is unsuccessful. An excellent example of it is this health care bill. I heard an interesting analogy the other day. Essentially what we had is the need to make more room for people who truly need and want health insurance. Rather than build an addition onto our house, we tore down the entire house and built a new one. Do you really think you can tear down a house and rebuild it today for a better price than 20 years ago? Probably not. So we tore down that house and rebuilt it at a higher cost.

    Socialism at its best!

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