What Did We Get From Reagan?

Mon, Mar 3, 2014

Liberal Bias, News, You Lie!

1794680_843674252324754_1457456752_nAn meme on the Internet has been getting a bit of play on Facebook by liberals and progressives.  It has an image of President Ronald Reagan and lists several accomplishments that the left deems as negative (ironically, several of them are considered good by conservatives).  We thought we should take a look first at the condition our country was in thanks to President Jimmy Carter before Ronald Reagan was overwhelmingly swept into office. Then we will list the accomplishments the left won’t dare to list. Please remember that neither list are by no means comprehensive or complete.

America Before Reagan Was Elected

1. Seven million Americans were unemployed.

2. We were told to live on less, to buckle our belts and to prepare for scarcity.

3. Americans went through two of the worst years of inflation in 60 years. There was a 13% inflation rate. Family income dropped and we had the highest tax bill in our history.

4. We were on the verge of a major recession.

5. With our cold wars during the ’70s, we inspired our enemies not to be afraid of us. The Soviets refused to come to the bargaining table. Cultural exchanges between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. came to a halt.

6. Disarmament was considered a noble goal. We did not know where to draw the line in our negotiations with the Soviets. Three countries fell to communism under the Carter administration: Benin (1977), Nicaragua (1979), and Zimbabwe (1980).

7. Guns and tanks that did not even work were being sent to battle.

8. Young Americans were not allowed to pray in school … even though Congress, every state house, and the Supreme Court begins business with prayer.

9. Progressive values became fashionable. Social policies emulated the values of a small, vocal minority.

10. Education did not sustain moral values. Educational curricula began to promote “alternative lifesyles,” such as homosexuality.

11. America wore a “kick me” sign on its back. We lost our edge in technology and in global markets due to excessive government regulation, and high taxes which devoured capital.
(from forerunner.com)

American After Ronald Reagan

1. President Reagan’s economic policies stimulated the economy, creating 17 million new jobs. One-fourth of the new jobs were created in 68 consecutive months. Black unemployment was cut in half.

2. We were given incentives to save our money, to work, and to invest because of Reagan’s tax reforms.

3. The inflation rate decreased to less than 4.4%. Family income rose 12%.

4. We experienced the longest and strongest peacetime prosperity in the history of the nation.

5. We experienced the best peacetime relationship with the Soviet Union in our history. We also saw the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

6. We drew the line in Grenada, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf, and no countries fell to communism during the Reagan era.

7. The U.S. military was refurbished and strengthened.

8. There was a call for prayer in schools.

9. We saw a return to traditional values. Under Reagan, we saw a cut in federal funding of abortions; emphasis on a strong family unit; and the development of family-oriented public policy.

10. Educational leaders worked to sustain moral values and reestablish a clear understanding of right and wrong. The need for values in the curriculum was trumpeted by the Reagan administration.

11. People from other nations flocked legally to America to follow our example. Our principles of civil and economic freedom were being copied all over the world.
(from forerunner.com)

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