Suspicious “Movement” Started Against Cleveland Indians Logo?

Wed, Mar 19, 2014

Liberal Bias, News

It was only a matter of time before the über minority resurrected their attack on the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball logo.  What you will find very interesting is the timing of Wednesday’s stories.

The first story we can find posted online occurred at 6:47pm Eastern time by CBS Sports author Dayn Perry.  The premise of Mr. Perry’s story is the revelation of a new Twitter account opposed to the Indians logo.  He claims that “It seems to have all started with the Twitter account @DeChiefWahoo, which encourages similarly inclined Cleveland rooters to manually remove Chief Wahoo from their team garb, and the #DeChief hashtag is appended to any photographic evidence of said ‘dechiefing’.”

Soon the same story, with minor variations and updates, began appearing on websites like Yahoo! a little over four afters after the CBS article.

What is quite interesting is that the @DeChiefWahoo Twitter account in question was only started some seven hours BEFORE the CBS article was published.  And as of 10:30pm Eastern, it only has 72 followers.

That’s not what we would call an impressive movement by far.  Certainly not newsworthy.  One might be inclined to think that there was some type of agenda or even involvement by CBS sports, or at least Dayn Perry.

What remains to be seen are the overwhelming stories providing balance to this topic.  What about the discussion of the vast majority of Americans, sports fans, Clevelanders, and Indians fans that oppose any logo change and don’t find it offensive? Not to mention the research conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s research that found that 91% of Native Americans do not find these types of logos offensive.

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