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We hope to catalog the various influences to President Barack Obama.  Please feel free to contribute to this page by contacting us. We are working to site references and will update accordingly.

Tim Geithner – Secretary of the Treasury – Tax cheat

Kevin Jennings – Safe School Czar – cofounder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), told attendees at a GLSEN conference over a decade ago that he looked forward to the day when promoting homosexuality in schools will be seen in a positive light. (See the remarks here) Also BROKE LAW, as a teacher by NOT notifying authorities of a sexual relationship between one of his male students, and an adult male.

Van Jones – green jobs czar, is perhaps the most extremist of the extreme in the entire lot.  As a self-avowed, self-identified Communist, Jones abhors liberty, the Constitution, the American way of life, and seeks to change it from top to bottom.  Here is more on Van Jones.

John Holdren – Science Czar – Advocates for population control. He Supports FORCED Sterylization, and the drugging of drinking water.  Also supports the most extreme measures, such as mandating the number of children Americans can have.  He is also a proponent of ‘de-developing’ the United States, sending its agricultural practices and technology back to the 19th century.  Holdren has also suggested that infants and chronically ill elderly do not fit his definition of ‘human,’ and therefore can be expendable.

Cass Sunstein – Regulatory Czar – Wants to ban hunting, ban guns, give animals lawyers, and the right to sue. Monitor, and control internet blogging etc. Harvard law professor, believes that animals should have the right to legal representation.  If you try to get rid of rats in your home, a ‘concerned citizen’ could bring a lawsuit, with the rat as the plaintiff, to sue you for endangering a species.  He also believes that if bloggers post something that turns out to be false, they should be prosecuted.  In short, Sunstein is a Leftwing moonbat with Fascist leanings.  Remember, Obama said to judge him by the people around him.

Mark Lloyd – FCC Diversity Czar – Hugo Chavez admirer, and racist who wants qualified whites to step down to make room for minorities and gays, AND also wants to silence free speech (opposing views) conservative radio, by implementing a 100% tax on talk radio operating costs.  Supports Communist Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and believes that what Chavez did to squelch free speech in the media and seize the means of communication is a good model for the United States.  His plan is to silence conservative talk radio by forcing ownership to change hands to minorities and by implementing a fee structure for licensing that will put most private broadcasters out of business.  At that point, Loyd would make PBS, or NPR on the radio, the most powerful forces in broadcasting–controlled by the government, of course.

Ezekiel Emanuelhealthcare czar, believes in using cost-benefit and comparative-benefit analysis to allocate healthcare resources.  This means the fewer years you have left to live, the less cost-effective it is to treat you.  Thus, most of those resources should be diverted from the elderly to younger people.  This is the ‘rationing’ portion of ObamaCare that many of us have warned about.  And this will be done even without the so-called ‘public option,’ which is not really what the debate about government control of healthcare is about in the first place.  Even without the public option, the provision for rationing is inherent in the provisions of the bill, thanks to advisers such as Emanuel.

Harold Koh – State Dept Legal Advisor – Says “Sharia Law could apply to disputes in US courts”

Adolfo Carrion – Urban Czar – Pocketed thousands of dollars in campaign cash from city developers whose projects he approved or funded with taxpayers’ money.

Michelle Obama – Oversaw patient dumping scheme for profit, as the vice president Of University of Chicago Hospital, where she also coincidentally went from 100K to over 300K promotion upon Barack Obama becoming state senator.

Tony Rezko – Chicago Slum lord, Convicted on 16 counts of corruption

Jeremiah Wright – Obama spiritual mentor 20 years, who promoted anti-government, anti-white sentiment.

ACORN – Corrupt federally funded organization, who Obama gave 800K to, and who Obama lawyered for, and benefitted from politically. Fraudulant voter registration drives. Recently exposed advising a pimp , and prostituute on how to bring in minors from other countries for purposes of prostitution, how to get illegal tax breaks, and how to stash away profits.

William Ayers – Weather Underground domestic terrorist who Obama partnered with (Chicago Annenberg Challenge) (Woods Fund) on radical left projects with the intent of indocrtinating youth.Obama also launched his bid for Chicago senate from Ayers home.